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Why are Pomeranians Puppies Expensive? How much are your dogs?

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

A lot of people will ask why Pomeranians are such expensive dogs to buy. I will give you a rough breakdown on what it can cost a responsible breeder to breed ONE beautiful, healthy, sound litter:

-Purchasing a nice Dam (Female Dog) $3,500-$8,000

-Purchasing a nice Sire (Male Dog) $3,500- $8,000

-If mom or dad are Championed or Grand Championed Show dogs, the breeder usually has spent about $10,000 in show/handling fees, grooming products, show gear, travel, etc. to get them there

-Stud Fee (if not using one of my own males) $1,000-$3000

-OFA Health Testing and Genetic Testing for 2 dogs $800+

-Whelping supplies ( Incubator, Oxygen Concentrator, Whelping box for mom, Puppy tube feeding supplies, etc.) (Granted, most of these things are re-used for years) $2800

-Vitamins for mom during her pregnancy $70

-Ultrasound to confirm pregnancy at 40 days $150

-X-ray at 55 days for puppy count and to ensure a natural birth will be safe $150

- If needed an Emergency C-section can cost $3,000-$5000

-Puppy food until they go home to you $30/puppy $90-120/Litter

-Puppy Vaccinations, Dewormers, Vet Checks $3-400 Per litter

On the lowest end a Pomeranian litter can cost a breeder $10,000. And on the higher end $26,000.

Keep in mind Pomeranians usually have 4 puppies or less, and it is extremely common for some puppies to not make it past the first few days. You can do your own research to see why the Pomeranian is dubbed the "Heart Break Breed".

So when a breeder is charging $3000 for a pet puppy, don't assume they are getting rich off of you. A responsible, reputable breeder is lucky to break even on a Pomeranian litter.

**This is not including the cost of daily feeding, vaccinating, grooming or general care of mom and dad dogs. I feed my dogs a raw diet with only human grade food which costs around $90+ per month per dog.**

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