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Candy Shop Poms is a small breeding program with 1-3 litters a year. My dogs all live with my Husband and I in our home in Utah. Our dogs do not live in kennels, and puppies are whelped right in our bedroom. 

I only breed responsibly, and believe in health testing. All of my dogs have their required OFA health testing ( Patellas, Heart, Eyes). We will also be testing for Hips and Thyroid issues this year, as the American Pomeranian Club has just released new Health Testing Standards. Every puppy from us will go to their new homes having their age appropriate vaccines and deworming. I select my dogs with calm, gentle dispositions, as that is the temperament that I prefer. Our hope is that our babies fit into their new homes as loving family members. 

I love dogs and have been passionate about them since I was a child. My dogs are not a source of income for me, they are a fun, fulfilling passion and we spend much more money on our breeding program than we will ever make back. 

We support our puppy families for the life of their dog, and will take back any dog for any reason. We do not sell any dog/puppy without a legally binding contract being signed. 

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