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My dogs are NOT for sale on a first come, first served basis. Puppies will go to what I see as the best home for them. (Please fill out a puppy application so that we can match you with a puppy!) ​

  • Puppies cannot be reserved before, or right when they are born, EVER! 

  • To reserve a puppy, you must pay a NON REFUNDABLE deposit.

  • If you back out of the sale after placing a deposit, the payment will be forfeited and you will be unable to purchase a puppy from me in the future. If Candy Shop Poms ever cancels a sale for any reason, the payment will be refunded. 

  • If something uncontrollable happens to your puppy while in my care, your deposit will be refunded, or you can choose another available puppy/wait for another puppy to become available.


  • We accept Cash, Venmo, and Zelle and GoodDog for deposits. I will not take a deposit via PayPal, or in the mail, or via check. 

  • The puppy must be paid for in full before or on the day of going home.

  • Full payment is required, We do not have any type of payment plan.

  • Due to Fraud, we no longer take PayPal. Thanks for understanding!


  • If you are unhappy with your puppy from CSP, you have 48 hours from the time of sale to return the puppy and receive a refund. (deposit will not be refunded).

  • Keep in mind, your puppies microchip will be scanned at the time of return to ensure that this was in fact the puppy that I sold you. 

  • As stated in my contract, you may not rehome a puppy from Candy Shop Poms at ANY point for ANY reason without letting me know. 


  • We will NEVER let a puppy leave before the age of 8 weeks. There are NO exceptions!  

  • Generally puppies will go home at 10 weeks, smaller puppies will stay longer if they have to travel a long way to their new home. 

  • We have never and would never sell an unhealthy puppy from our program. All puppies are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of sale. 

  • We cannot guarantee the personality of the dog long term, parents of your puppy were carefully chosen to be bred together, and your puppy was socialized as much as possible while in my care. However, many factors such as environment and training can play a part in a dogs personality long term. 

  • SHOW/BREEDING DOGS: We do not guarantee that show prospects will win, or even place in a dog show. We do not guarantee the fertility of your dog or how well it will do in a breeding program. (males will only be sold to breeders if both testicles are down at time of sale, and a puppy will never be sold as a show prospect with major faults.)  


Please see my Puppy Contract for Health Guarantee details. 


Puppies can be picked up at our home near SLC, Utah. 


  • I may be able to give transport if I am attending a dog show in your area. Contact me for details.

  • I will occasionally be able to meet you halfway or somewhere within a reasonable distance from SLC Utah.

If you are using a Puppy Nanny (flight nanny) to pick up the puppy at my airport and care for him while en route to your house, there are a few policies in place:

  • Puppy must be paid for in full at least one day (24 hours) prior to pickup date. 

  • I can meet flight nannies at either the SLC or Provo Utah airports

  • Once a puppy has left my property with the transporter, we are not responsible for anything that may happen to the puppy such as sickness, death, hypoglycemia, etc.  

  • If a puppy must be sent back to me for whatever reason, puppy buyer is responsible for all costs associated. 


  • Our puppies are priced very fairly, and are worth every penny. Our prices are never negotiable. 

  • Candy Shop Poms puppy pricing ranges from $1200-$5000.

  • Our dogs are all from Champion Bloodlines, A lot of them are shown, and all of our dogs are OFA (Eyes, Heart, Patellas) and Genetic tested through Embark. We put thousands upon thousands of dollars into our dogs every year. My puppies are not a source of income for me whatsoever. We are in the "negative" every year, even after the profit from puppy sales. 

To New Pomeranian Owners: 

We encourage you to talk with the whole family before deciding to bring home your new puppy, and take time to do your research by reading books/articles online, watching videos, or emailing and asking me before asking about a specific puppy. Dogs are not an animal that should be purchased on impulse. 

I highly encourage you to contact me with any questions before and after the sale is finalized. No questions are too silly or absurd. 

Feel free to email me any time to tell me how your new baby is doing or with any questions whatsoever. I love hearing about the puppies that I  sell. I also love to see pictures of them in their new home or with their new loving owners! 

This sales policy is subject to change without notice. Please read thoroughly before inquiring about a puppy. Thank you!

Words “Puppy” and “Dog” are interchangeable for the sake of this sales policy. 

 Signed Olivia Osborn of Candy Shop Poms, 2021.

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